Sweet Topiary Trees

Sweet trees are just the cutest idea. They went down a storm at my wedding as alternative centre pieces, but they are great for any occasion or party.

I made these by getting foam balls from ebay along with the buckets and garden sticks.

All you need are:

  • Foam balls (120mm)
  • Pots/Pales/Vase (5in)
  • Sweets - whatever you want, go crazy! Use lollipops, Smarties, Love Hearts, Marshmallows, anything colourful
  • Concrete (get a packet mix from a DIY store)
  • Sticks - check your garden centre or ebay
  • Ribbon to decorate

Fill your bucket or pot with concrete, less than halfway. Sit the stick in the concrete and let it set. It could take a day or two, so keep it indoors in the dry.

The fun part is putting your sweets on the foam ball. Lollipops are easy - just poke them in. Choose the colours you want - I had Vimto lollies as they were a dark pink which matched my flowers and bridesmaid dresses.

Go with a theme or pattern. You could use smarties and make flowers shapes with the colours.

If you want to use marshmallows or Liquorice Allsorts you can poke them in using cocktail sticks (but be careful.) Don't use sharp sticks for your kid's party though...

The other way of sticking on your sweets is by using edible glue. This can be bought or made using whisked egg whites and icing sugar.

Push your completed foam ball onto the stick and make sure it is stable. Decorate the stem of the stick with a ribbon and fill the base of the pot with tissue paper or loads more sweets. This hides the nasty looking concrete.

Then you have a work of art! They are really easy to make when you know how and make lovely gifts.