Camomile Tea for Natural Highlights!

Go chemical free and natural by lightening your hair with camomile tea.

It won't make you look peroxide blonde and won't lighten dark hair, but it certainly brings out the shine in lighter coloured hair. I like to do this during the winter when I am lacking sunshine. My hair which is mousy-brown with natural highlights goes quite dark during this time.

It can also go dry and dull due to the coldness outdoors and the central heating indoors. Using a hair mask with lots of yummy nutritious food (mashed avocado, raw egg and honey) can certainly bring it back to life. Then every week giving it a final rinse with cooled camomile tea after shampooing makes it glow!

I even buy honey and camomile tea bags and use those on my (and my son's) hair. It seems to sort out my dry ends - a bit like my home made hair mask.

If you want a deep colour from the tea then let it steep for around 30 minutes. Sometimes I'll add 2 tea bags and fill a jug. Just make sure the water is the right temperature before pouring over your head. You don't want a nasty scald.

Then remember to take it to the shower with you. Wash and condition as normal and rinse thoroughly. Then give your hair a final rinse with the tea. If it is quite cool it will smooth the hair cuticle, giving it a more conditioned appearance. 

For dark hair, try out black tea in the same way. For a reddish tone, Rooibos (Redbush) tea will do the job.