Turn Your Old Maxi Dress into a Skirt

I bought this maxi dress about three summers ago. It probably cost about £10 and it was great for keeping me cool. I wore it to Glastonbury festival and on honeymoon to Sorrento.

Sadly, the straps have worn and isn't that great anymore. But the bottom part is still good.

Here is how I turned it into a maxi skirt.

I cut the top off to separate them. I left a good couple of centimetres to allow a hem. 

If you are not sure of the length then measure from your waist down to your ankles. If you wear skirts on your hips then measure from there.

Next measure some elastic which is compatible for the material. You want it to be the right thickness too so you are secure in your skirt.

You can measure your waist or where you wear your skirt (I wear them on my hips) then measure your elastic. If you then minus a couple of inches off the elastic, it should fit snug.

If you are not sure, pull the elastic around your waist to the tightness required. Then mark where you need to cut it.

Then sew the two ends together to create a loop.

Cut the bottom off the dress
Measure your elastic 

Fold the waist of your skirt over with the elastic on the inside of the fold. Your fold should be on the inside of the skirt.

Pin along the hem to keep in place.

Then sew along to create a neat hem at the top with the elastic inside.

Use a sewing machine or do it by hand.

Then you have your finished skirt!

You could use the fabric left from the top part of the skirt to make belt loops if you want to wear a belt with your maxi skirt.

Cut them to the thickness and length required (measure the thickness of the belt you will be using to make sure it fits).

Sew two bits of measured material for your belt loops together back to back, to keep the pattern on the outside. This also reinforces the strength of the loops.

Then sew them onto your skirt at the top and the bottom of the belt loop. You may need four or five spaced around the top of the skirt.

Your dress re-vamped!